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内容摘要:儿童英语学习 flash动画故事:愚蠢的小妖精 中英双语文本阅读。...

儿童英语学习 flash动画故事:愚蠢的小妖精 中英双语文本阅读。

The foolish goblin


Once upon a time there lived a fisherman.The diligent fisherman went fishing everyday.

从前在那儿住着一个渔夫, 勤劳的渔夫每天去打鱼。

“What have I caught today? ”


He pulled the fishing net.


“Wow, it feels heavy.”


He pulled it harder.


When he pulled it out of the water, there was a big pot instead of a big fish.


“What is this pot? I wonder what’s inside of the pot.” said the fisherman opening the pot.

“这个罐子是什么?我想知道这个罐子里面是什么” 渔夫说完打开罐子。



The startled fisherman fell flat on his back.


“Uh, huh, huh~, I haven’t eaten for one hundred years, and I’m very hungry. I’ve got to eat you up!”


The goblin pounced on the fisherman.


“Ah~~~”The fisherman shivered from fear.


But he thought an idea.


“Hey, goblin!Please do me a favor before you eat me?”

“嗨, 小妖精!在你吃我之前能帮我个忙吗?”

“A favor?Ha ha ha.Ok, you saved me so I’ll do as you wish.”


“I really don’t understand how your nice and huge body was in that small pot.How did you do it?”


“Well, it’s simple.Will you believe it if I show you? See!”


The goblin went into the small pot to show the fisherman how he can go in to the small pot.


“This is the time!”


The fisherman put the lie on the pot.And he threw the pot into the sea.